Adult ballet for beginners with Claire

Beginners 5.30pm Fridays,

This class is run by and taught by Claire Whyman. You can find out more or contact Claire via her facebook page Dance Classes with Claire

It's the perfect relaxing, refreshing and invigorating start to your weekend! One participant said that she used to crave a glass of wine on Friday nights - now she craves her Friday night ballet fix!

Tutus and tights not required!

Claire Whyman Ballet

'Really good fun along with being great for toning. Everyone in the class has a laugh together so there's no need to feel like you look silly!'

'I had never tried ballet before and I'm not exactly graceful, but loved the beginners classes. The steps were fun and actually alot more stretching than I thought and my posture is much better. My legs are definately toned from it. Really loved the class'.

'I felt so refreshed from the class, and lovely music to dance to'.

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