Classical Pilates

‘I’m a Pilates person. It’s great. I had a hip problem. I had a chronic back, a pinched nerve and a hip problem and it’s completely solved all of it. I love it. It makes me feel like I’m taller.” Jennifer Aniston

New block of Classical Pilates starts Monday16th April 2018 - all classes at Hebrides Dance & Wellbeing Studio. Book online

"This is the first exercise class i've ever been to where you see the same people every time, block after block. I think the fact that people keep going is evidence that they really feel the difference it's making for them. I always feel so much better after the class, look forward to the next one, and am gutted when I have to miss it! " Intermediate class participant

"Pilates has had a great positive effect on me! Doing the class each week makes me feel great. As I have back problems I find the Pilates has helped with that issue. I really miss the class when I can't make it! Definitely recommend!" - Intermediate class participant

New block of Classical Pilates starts 16th April 2018. If you sign up for a block and need to miss a class swap around as necessary so you still get all your classes classes.
Book online


  • 8.05pm starting 16th April. 6 week block
    All levels Classical Pilates
    Book online This class is designed for those who have done some pilates before and would like to work on strengthening and improving their technique. We will use the original Pilates Foundation level series and some exercises from the intermediate series as well as introducing props (such as Pilates ring, weights) to emphasise different body areas (abs, shoulders, legs, back). Aims of class:
  • Deepen understanding the Pilates method of exercise
  • Strengthen the core and work towards flatter abs, a longer, leaner body
    • Gain greater body awareness & understanding
  • Improve posture & core strength supporting the spine
  • Increase flexibility & improve overall muscle tone

*6 - 6.55pm Intermediate Pilates, Hebrides Dance Studio
6 week block starts 17th April Book online

Intermediate level - at least one term of General (Foundation) level Pilates as this is a challenging class that will work your core and keep going at a fast pace. Strengthen and lengthen your entire body and refresh your mind.

* 9.30 - 10.25am (All levels) Mixed Ability
Starts 20th April, 6 week block. Book online

This class moves at a steady pace with lots of breaking down of the moves to find a deeper understanding of the body and the Pilates method.

Drop ins are sometimes available apart from week 1 - please text on the day to find out if there is space available. Drop in class costs £6.

If you have any back / health problems that might affect your ability to do Pilates please contact me first to arrange a 1 - 2 - 1 session before joining a group class - you should also check with your doctor / physio. Pilates is great for preventing back pain by developing a strong core but if you do have back / neck / shoulder problems or other issues it is not recommended that you should go straight into a group class as some exercises will need to be modified.

If you would like to go straight into the more challenging intermediate class and have done a lot of similar exercise you can attend a 1-2-1 class to explain the basics of the exercises so that you can go straight into the faster moving series.

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