Dynamic classes promoting union of body, breath and mind, stretching & strengthening the entire body and relaxing and focusing the mind.

Yoga with Kirstie

Tuesday 7 - 8.15pm
starts 31 oct, 6 week block This will be a mixed ability class working with flow, standing postures and balances, core work and relaxation. You'll stretch and strengthen the whole body with mindfulness, working with the breath and finishing with relaxation. Book yoga online.

As the evenings become brighter and the days lengthen, the focus will be on wringing out, giving the body a good spring clean from the inside out, whilst preparing to rebuild our energy for the new season. Whether moving through a transition from one yoga posture to the next, or from winter to spring, lingering in the moments in between encourages us to slow down, move mindfully, and find the yoga beyond the asana.

This class will build on the foundations of yoga adding in more flow and dynamic work with options of more challenging poses to build strength and flexibility. Working with the breath and with awareness of our own bodies this class is best suited for those who have done some yoga before although you will be able to work at your own level.

Mixed Ability Yoga

Thursday 7.10 - 8.20pm Book Online
This class is suitable for complete beginners, or more practiced yogis who wish to slow things down and go through some of the basic postures in more detail. A stress free, judgement free, relaxing introduction to yoga for all abilities. Or a chance for those already familiar with yoga to work on alignment, and gain a deeper understanding and level of practice.

The class will include an introduction to some of the breathing practices used in yoga, a breakdown of some of the most widely used yoga poses and sequences , before finishing with a short guided meditation and relaxation. The class will be at a slow pace, with lots of time to get in and out of postures, no rush, no pressure.

The class will challenge, but there will be lots of options for modifications, and it will be a great way to learn about modifying movement to suit your body.

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