Groups are split by age into the following divisions: Mini = 8 years and under, Youth 11 years and under, Junior = 14 years and under, Senior = min. 10 years, at least one team member 15. Cheerleaders age for the entire 2013/2014 season will be determined by their age as of 31st August 2013.
Please email Kirstie to find out more about joining any of our teams.

NWA Cheer

Cheerleading is one of the fastest growing sports in the UK. It incorporates stunts, tumbling and dance in fast and challenging routines.

Cheer demands good fitness, strength, flexibility but most of all dedication and hard work. It is a team sport which requires every single person to work together.
NWA Senior, Junior and Youth teams will hopefully be competing in 2014 at regional and national championships. We also have a recreational team for new cheerleaders or those who are not able to compete - for 12 upwards and age 9 and under where girls can learn all the skills without the pressure.

Cheer is a great way to make friends, learn about hard work and self discipline and have fun.

junior cheer 2013


Pom is the traditional cheer dance with pom poms. It is fast, sharp and challenging and uses strong cheer motions to create visual effects.

Dancers will learn fast turns and pirouettes, kicks, leaps and other jazz and modern skills. This is a high energy and highly skilled division.

Our girls compete competitively in Pom at Youth, Junior and Senior level. We also have recreational classes for 12 and up and 9 and under.

This is great way to improve dance and performance skills.

nwa pom

Hip Hop

Our hip hop dancers learn a variety of types of hip hop focusing on the history and authenticity of each style. We include a broad range from breaking (breakdance - floor based footwork), popping, locking, waacking, and more.
The teams dance in synchronisation and using formations to create strong visual effects.

At the moment only our Youth and Senior teams compete however we are aiming to develop our mini and junior hip hop teams too.

This is a fast growing and competitive division for both and girls and we welcome any new dancers who think they have skills to offer in this area.

hip hop
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