Ballet is the foundation to so many styles of dance, teaches dancers the discipline they need in their bodies, and enables them to excel in other areas as well as gaining skills, poise and grace in ballet.

We now have 3 ballet classes running and our dancers have many opportunities to take part in exciting dance performances.

All of our ballet classes are on Fridays at Hebrides Dance & Wellbeing Studio at Stornoway Golf Club.

Teen Ballet S1+ 3 - 4.15pm

Mini Ballet p1 - p3 4.15 - 4.45pm

Youth Ballet p4 - p7 4.45 - 5.30pm

Ballet is a wonderful way for little ones to learn to respond to music creatively and expressively, and also to start learning basic dance and ballet skills.

Ballet teaches grace, poise and self disclipline. But at this age it's great fun and the perfect way for little girls to become the ballerinas they dream about!

What to wear: Mini Ballet - can wear choice of leotard or shorts and tshirt with ballet, or highland shoes. Youth Ballet - pink tights, ballet shoes and pink leotard Teen Ballet - pink tights, ballet shoes and black leotard.

No experience necessary.

Please book / pay as for other dance and cheer classes or get in touch with Kirstie for more info

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